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❶In astronomy, a parallax refers to the angular distance between a celestial body and the observation point at earth's surface. There are so many variables involved, and this all happened so long ago, that important evidence may have been

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Earth's temperature would not change considerably in either scenario, as these rays produced by the sun do not reach the Earth's surface due to the planet's thick atmosphere.

Suppose the New Horizons Spacecraft took a picture of earth a "selfie" when it passed by Pluto What is the sidereal time when Cassiopeia is on the meridian?

Use 1 hour for the right ascension. A small probe is exploring a spherical asteroid. As the probe creeps Attached diagram offers an explanation. From Boulder, 40 degrees N, where does Orion's Belt rise in the sky on the compass visible only Orion's Belt is made up of three stars - Alnitak, Alnilam and Minatak from left to right - and is part of the Orion constellation, or 'The Hunter', Orion being a hunter from Greek mythology The angular diameter of an object is the size of the object expressed as an angular measurement when it is viewed from a particular spot.

If an object is at a distance D from the point it is being How do you find the degrees in a ellipse for multiple points where it is aphelion and perihelion? In astronomy, when a body orbits the Sun, the shape of its orbit can be a circle or an ellipse. If the orbit is a circle, the Sun lies at the center of the circle and the distance of the body from If my latitiude is 40 degrees south and the sun is at 15 degrees north declination, it will rise Use the sunrise equation to find the direction of sunrise: Suppose the Sun were twice as massive as it actually is.

What would be the orbital period of a You observe a spectroscopic eclipsing binary star system and measure the velocities of the two From Kepler's laws of planetary motion: How far away in parsecs is the star Spica if its parallax is 0.

How far away is Spica in In astronomy, a parallax refers to the angular distance between a celestial body and the observation point at earth's surface. Since we see the celestial body up in the sky, we measure the distance Mars is approximately 1. Now imagine yourself living on Mars. The answer is C Once every 2. During the Apollo 11 Mission, the astronauts experienced a lesser force of gravity on the Moon According to Newton's law How do I become an astronomer as an aim in life?

It is a highly ambitious dream to follow, but never lose hope. There are opportunities aplenty for budding astronomers, as the field of astronomy is a relatively young one and thus, has thousands Why should humans study astronomy?

Astronomy should be studied by mankind because our survival is directly linked to the cosmos. The Earth is heated by its nearest star, the Sun, and its ocean tides are directly connected to its What are the shape, structure, and various parts of the Milky Way?

The Milky Way galaxy, in which the sun and planets reside, is a fairly typical spiral galaxy, flat and spinning around its center, with arms extending into space. It appears as a band of light from What role did the "frost line" play in the outer planets growing so much more massive than the The temperature across this protoplanetary disk was not uniform. Since different materials condense How was Copernicus proven correct, and what were the implications for those who validated his Because the study of astronomy was closely tied to the theological doctrine of the Church during the 16th Century, the time in which Nicholaus Copernicus was active, any academic theory Why is the moon moving away from the sun?

Actually it is more correct to state that the Moon is moving away from the Earth slowly over time. What is the most commonly accepted theory on how the universe was formed? The most commonly accepted theory on the formation of the universe is what is known as "the Big Bang" theory. Many astronomers believe that the origins of the universe began with the concentration What evidence exists that the universe is changing?

There is overwhelming physical evidence that the universe is changing. The debate among astronomers is over whether the universe is expanding, a completely different question.

Describe what happens to a star like the sun when it dies. What keeps the core from further When a star like our Sun reaches the final phase of its life, it burns out its supply of hydrogen and it begins to cool down and expand. This phase is called a red giant.

The core begins to Explain why the intensity of light from the Cepheid variable changes? In a manner of speaking, virtually all stars are variable; their values change throughout their lives according to the patterns and influences of their components and environments. Why does Venus rotate in the opposite of all other planets? We still don't have a definitive answer to this, and we may never know for certain.

There are so many variables involved, and this all happened so long ago, that important evidence may have been What is the distance between Andromeda and Milkyway Galaxy? The bad news is the Milky Way galaxy is going to collide with the Andromeda galaxy also referred to as M The good is that it will not occur for four billion more years. What this means in The Sun is about , times as massive as the Earth.

Calculate the radius of the Sun's orbit Question one regards barycentric coordinates. The center of mass in the Sun-Earth relationship is not at the center of either body; it is a sort of average between the two. I can tell you without Even with infinitely powerful telescopes, we can look back in time only until: It doesn't make sense for galaxies to be the oldest observable objects; galaxies are composed of gas, dust and stars, all of which interact with electromagnetic radiation that we can detect.

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Professional Astronomy Assignment Help. We provide 24/7 astronomy homework assistance for your astronomy projects, even if all you need is editing for your astronomy assignment.

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Need homework and test-taking help in Astronomy and Science. These articles can help you learn more about planets, stars, and galaxies. Astronomy Questions and Answers - Discover the community of teachers, mentors and students just like you that can answer any question you might have on Astronomy eNotes Home Homework Help.

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Some disciplines present quite a challenge even for the smartest students. Getting astronomy homework help is an easy and inspiring process. Stars and planets are mesmerizing but astronomy homework is definitely not. It's hard and boring. That's why you need to order professional astronomy homework assistance online. Dec 10,  · Astronomy can be difficult to understand at times. So, visit and learn it with our Astronomy Homework Help team/5().