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Ptlls Assignment 1 – Theory – Level 4

❶For example, learners who stammers will excel with this form of assessment which promotes inclusion. The interview was simultaneously a tool to check whether the English level of the students was sufficient as well as a way of finding out what motivated the student and discuss the application form and course.


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Ptlls Assignment 1 – Theory – Level 3
Ptlls Assignment 1 – Theory – Level 4

There are a number of methods and approaches which could be used to achieve this. In order to create safe and supportive learning environments, it is important to agree rules and boundaries with learners. Ground rules can be established in a number of ways. By establishing ground rules the learners will be more aware of what behaviour is expected of them, and therefore promotes respect between learners.

In turn, this will establish a positive, agreeable and respectful environment in which to learn. The classroom environment allows learners to build stronger and larger networks beyond their own community. Encouraging students to work in pairs or small groups is another way to encourage students to work with people they would not usually interact with. My own responsibilities in relation to the Individual, Team and Organizational professionals which maybe internal or external such as administrative staff, caretakers, librarians, receptionist, teaching assistant, pod leaders, technicians, the educational psychologist, speech and language therapist, specialist teachers, educational welfare officer, school improvement partner, occupational therapist, parents, inspectors, guardians, visitors etc are very important Gravels.

As stated on my job description, one of my individual role and responsibilities towards other teachers is to be able to work as part of a hard working team of the school, which will make my job easier, and help me to improve my skill. I am aware of my organizational responsibility which is mainly my duty of care to the learners which includes to ensure my administrative work like learners register, end of term report etc.

I will create lesson plan, inform the pod leader TA and implement adequately especially during inspections such as Ofsted etc. In my practice, I need to leave the teaching environment in a clean, tidy and secure manner, keep to the time stipulated for my lesson so as not to disrupt their lesson, submit any handout photocopying request to the administrative staff a day before the lesson so that she will have enough time to make it available for my lesson to avoid any form of learning boundary, ensure that a proof e.

I will maintain the proper use of shared resource like classroom, smart board, computers , etc. Francis, M and Gould, J A Learners guide to understanding the National Curriculum Understand own responsibility for maintaining a safe and supportive learning environment. Explain how to establish and maintain a safe and supportive learning environment.

SCCD Note, elaborated on how to establish and maintain a safe and supportive classroom learning environment by ensuring that the different aspects like physical, social, personal and learning are appropriately in conjunction with each other, that is they are fit for purpose, and accessible for the subject to be taught, and knowledge to be gained by the learners. These could include classroom rules, consequences, procedures, respect, dress code, seating arrangement, tidiness of the room , etc.

Also, I will welcome each learners into the classroom from the doorway, and engage in a positive rapport with them individually, addressing them by their name, asking them how they have been, complement them on their new haircut, hairdo etc to make them feel good about themselves which makes them relaxed, safe and secure in the classroom as we start the lesson.

I will also remind them of the classroom agreed ground rules and health and safety issues in case of fire or accidents to make them feel more comfortable. This implies that all learners needs to feel safe and valued before they can fulfill their potential for learning as it was written by Gravels, A.

For example, I mostly implement 2 learners per desk in the mathematics lesson to encourage positive interaction and promote communication especially during group work and peer assessment. Explain how to promote appropriate behaviour and respect for others.

The promotion of appropriate behavior and respects for each other in the learning environment lies on the professionals like teachers who serve as role model to the learners.

I read in the Gravels, A. All teachers including myself needs to adhere to the iFL code of professional practice iFL in and out of classroom setting, which includes their behavior and respect towards others, always act with integrity, and behave in the correct manner.

As I read from Wallace , any witnessed challenging or inappropriate behavior of others needs to be managed in a professional manner. For example, I will speak on 1 to1 basis to the person s involved or report it to someone else, following the organization policy and procedures on unacceptable behavior or complaint. Also, learners may display challenging behavior, which could disrupt the lesson if the teacher does not show knowledge on subject.

Using a variety of inclusive teaching and learning approaches such as the use of ICT PowerPoint, website , etc. Also, handouts should be printed on colored papers for dyslexia learners Wallace I enhance my teaching with the use of the relevant ICT resources to promote inclusion and engage all the learners.

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Quality assurance and evaluation Another responsibility as a teacher is the record keeping. A teacher can keep a closer track on progress made if records are kept up to date on a regular basis. Records must be kept accurate, factual, legible and up to date. But more importantly, records should be kept secure and confidential.

Every organization in the UK that stores personal data must do so by the guidelines and rules set in The Data Protection Act Legislation, regulatory requirements and codes of practice 1. These can be generic, I. General to all teaching staff or specific, targeted to a specialist subject. A good example of generic legislation is the Education Act which covers a collection of laws relating to education. Other Acts address more specific parts of education, for example the Education and Skills Act is meant to increase participation in learning for young people and adults and providing second chances.

Protection of Children Act was designed to protect children and vulnerable adults alike. As a teacher I would have to ensure that these outcomes are incorporated in my interaction with the students. For example provide access to ranking water and healthy food. Or engage every student in group activities. According to the Freedom of Information Act , teachers should provide access to the records that are kept on the students if the student requests access.

For example, a student of mine was unhappy with the final grading at the end of a course, my records showed how the end grading was calculated and that no subjectivity was involved. The Code of Professional Practice by the Institute for Learning offers a guideline for teachers in the Lifelong Learning Sector based on 7 behaviors.

Teachers should work in a manner that is in accordance with these behaviors so as to guarantee a profession standard. Teaching students about food handling, restaurant techniques or kitchen techniques, means the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point system must be taught. This European system regulates the handling food and offers procedures to ensure the food is healthy to eat.

It stipulates for example which temperature food should be stored at, and all stored food should be labeled with content, date of production and who produced it. Both of these would fall under the specific level. For the Data Protection Act see page, the Health and Safety Act see page 5 and the Equality Act Equality is about the rights of students to have access to, attend, and participate in their chosen learning experience Gravels, Diversity, according to Gravels , is about valuing and respecting the differences in students.

The Equality Act is a consolidation of all harassment and anti-discrimination legislation into one Act that combines these two concepts. While teaching in Egypt I found that the women in the class needed encouragement to speak up, and I also had to ensure that both Islam and Christianity would make an equal appearance in pictures and explanations. Professional Boundaries and Points of Referral 2. For example, keep a healthy distance between the student and the teacher both physically and virtually.

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Ptlls Essay Assessment - Roles, responsibilities and relationships in lifelong learning research report. It is my role and responsibility as a health and social care diploma tutor, to guide the learner to achieve their qualification within the target date with a professional and respectable approach.

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ptlls assignment Essay  Level – 4 (Prepare to teach in the lifelong learning sector) - PTLLS The following are headings for broad areas students will have to research to show evidence of competence in PTLLS.

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Read more about PTLLS Assignment 6 PTLLS Assignment 7 Review a range of different assessment methods available and explain the ones you would use for your subject area. Ptlls essays Specimen questions for nvq 3 knowledge, online aet course, last edited: 23rd march, Millions of students to jumpstart your essays on 7 2 explain how feedback and answers for students use us. Essays on challenge discrimination and oppressive practices of each and inspiration.

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Ptlls Level 3 Words | 46 Pages be guided by the need to involve learners in negotiation over other issues, such as answering mobile phone, leaving early, etc. Assessment The delivery of courses will be followed by assessments to determine if learning has taken place, the level of understanding and to check if training strategy and tactics are appropriate. Ptlls Unit 1 Essay. PTLLS Assignment Write a report explaining responsibilities for promoting equality and diversity As a teacher there are many ways to promote equality and diversity but it is important to know the difference between the two.