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Bob, a passing motorist who stopped to help, and Ray an ambulance worker who arrived at the scene, both struggle long and hard to free him. Last week he got into an argument with his neighbour over a trivial matter which culminated in Bob hitting him over the head with a heavy object. The neighbour had died as a result of his injuries and Bob is now facing many years in jail and the loss of his job and family. Abbey v Steve Abbey would succeed in a claim for the personal injury sustained as Steve owed a duty to every other road user Nettleship v Weston and has clearly fallen below Janet has a black belt in martial arts and was known to be able to take care of herself, she was employed by Rattlecar as a casual night watchperson and had been given strict instructions not to assault or restrain an intruder, at most just to attempt to scare them off, and to trigger the alarm, then immediately call the police.

On the evening in question unknown to Janet, Gordon Bloggs had arranged to collect his car from the premises after work. When he arrived at Rattlecar he was knocked to the ground by Janet, who continued to hit him until Kelvin intervened. Gordon Bloggs was suffered seriously injures while at the premises of Rattlecar. The issues The main issue is whether Rattlecar as employer is vicariously liable for the conduct of Janet, its employee, in respect of the injuries suffered by Gordon Bloggs at the premises of Rattlecar on the date in question.

Rules and Application Sparrow v Tortoise Rattlecar employed Janet as night watchperson as she had a black belt in martial arts and was known to be able to take care of herself April 14, Coursework ID: Alphie, a minor celebrity, was recently admitted to hospital following an accident in which he damaged his leg. Due to his shock, Alphie lost consciousness shortly after he was brought into the hospital. When he woke therefore, Alphie was missing his toes and was particularly upset that he had not agreed to this.

Alphie found this increasingly irritating as he could not sleep. Seeing her opportunity, Susan also blocked the bathroom door with a hospital trolley, trapping Jack in. Jack was shut in the bathroom for almost 10 minutes, but because he was showering, a hospital porter moved the trolley before he tried to get out. Jack therefore never realised he was trapped. When he drank some water a few minutes later, Jack fell asleep and felt quite poorly when he woke up. On leaving hospital, Alphie gave an interview to a press reporter.

Since he read this in the newspaper, Jack has suffered depression and nightmares for which he has needed medical treatment. Advise Alphie and Jack of any claims they may have in tort. A may have a claim in battery the unlawful contact which is direct and intentional or reckless. November, Date submitted: December 06, Coursework ID: Andrew is at a restaurant with his partner Billy.

Carla the waiter spills soup over Billy. Andrew is furious and tries to slap Carla, but Carla steps back out of the way. As Carla steps back, Billy trips her up, and Carla falls to the floor, hitting her head hard on the table as she falls down. While Carla is lying on the floor, Andrew kicks her, breaking her ribs and causing internal injury. Andrew and Billy then walk away. It is five minutes before Carla is found by another waiter.

An ambulance is called, but by the time it arrives, Carla is dead. Advise Andrew and Billy. Spilling soup upon someone could be considered as battery. This is defined in s39 of the Criminal Justice Act as intentionally or recklessly inflicting unlawful personal violence upon the victim Critically discuss whether prerogative powers exercised by ministers should be codified in statute, with reference to Triggering Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union.

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Expertly Crafted Law Coursework. We're experienced in all aspects of law, from core modules like contract, criminal and tort law, through to more advanced modules, such as finance or family law - our legal writers are experts, qualified in UK law, EU law and more.

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Law Coursework Writing Service The Basics of Law Coursework Among the many academic challenges facing today’s average law student is the heavy load of law coursework that comes along with the law student’s pursuit of higher education, with the end goal of being able to practice law with a reputable firm.

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Feb 14,  · Law Coursework Writing Service Law is one of the most challenging and demanding subjects to study. Law coursework requires extensive amounts of research, careful analysis and exceptional persuasive skills to turn information into a convincing argument.5/5(5). The best law coursework writing service for law students Once we have received your order request we'll send you an inventory of all our suitable writers, including details on their qualifications and how they have performed previously with our law coursework writing service.

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UK Law Coursework Writing - Issues & Their Solutions Law Essays Help discovered why UK coursework writing is a challenge for students:/p> The checking of all work, both submitted by students studying online and those coming to traditional classrooms is checked in the same manner/5(). We have professional law essay writers to assist students in their law assignments, law dissertations, law essays, law research papers, law research proposals, and also their law coursework. The students are offered right case descriptions, case analysis, critical commentary, and details that cover a wide range of legal issues/5().