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How to Write a Social Media Report

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❶What is the mystery on "The Curse of Oak Island," anyway? Also, provide a help message to users who reply HELP.

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Why Does It Matter If You Write Well On Social Media?
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Identify your goals

Use acronyms with caution. Use numbers when they help you make your point. Consider using alternatives to words expressing mathematical concepts, such as risk, normal, and range , if those words do not have meaning to your audience. What do the bold words have in common? Below are some guidelines for incorporating social marketing into your communications.

Highlight the positive aspects of your health message. Encourage your readers to take a particular action or to learn more. Social media content should be… Relevant, useful, and interesting Easy to understand and share Friendly, conversational, and engaging Action-oriented Social media is most effective when the content relates to a particular interest or desire of a specific group of people.

Here are some ways to ensure your messages are easy to understand and share: Put relevant, intriguing information at the beginning of your post. Can you ask a question?

Use fewer characters than allowed to make sharing easy. Keep messages short but relevant. Test your message on a cold reader. Provide enough context so your message can stand alone. Write in first or second person I, we, you. Action-Oriented You can use social media tools to help build awareness and direct readers to take action or find more information.

Here are some ways to make your messages action-oriented: How to Write for Facebook Facebook is the largest and one of the most prominent social networking applications today. Profiles and Pages Facebook is structured with two different audiences in mind.

Twitter Syntax The Twitter community has created its own short-form syntax. Messages are composed of up to characters of text or links.

If a tweet or message from another Twitter user is relevant, the retweet function allows you to forward their message to your network. Twitter enables users to automatically link to each other by putting the symbol in front of the username in a message. Similar to a mention, a hashtag is created automatically when you put the symbol before a word.

Using a hashtag enables other people to join in a larger conversation on a topic or find information quickly. Best Practices for Writing CDC Tweets Length Although Tweets can be up to characters including spaces and punctuation , CDC recommends that tweets be less than that to allow for other text to be added when the tweet is retweeted. Some appropriate abbreviations follow: How to Write Text Messages Just as Facebook and Twitter can help an agency expand its reach, mobile technologies can provide new ways to communicate with audiences and give users new ways to interact with content.

Some appropriate abbreviations include: Invite readers to do something or suggest actions they can take. Tailor text messages based on the characteristics of subscribers. To better segment users, CDC asks users to provide some information about themselves when they sign up. Develop messages that are tied to a season, observance day, or current event. Write text messages that have an interesting lead or a catchy beginning to entice the reader to open and read.

Because users will receive a message from your short code i. Access to more information: Text messages should include a way for users to follow-up or respond to the message, such as a phone number or URL to a mobile website. All phone numbers should be numerical and formatted, so users can click-to-call the number automatically from their cell phones.

Opt-out and help instructions: Also, provide a help message to users who reply HELP. Talk with your service provider to ensure that messages comply with regulations for opting out of a program. News articles Fact sheets FAQs Outbreak notices Research reports Event or conference content Guidelines Repurposing Web content for social media communication is efficient, because this content has been developed, edited, and cleared through the appropriate channels.

Main heading for the Web page. On a Web page, the heading helps orient readers and tells them what the page is about. If your social media message is intended to send readers to the Web page, it should be more message-oriented than most Web page headings. It might have to be shorter or longer than the heading. Title of a news article. Most news article titles do a good job of explaining what happened and when.

Many titles forecast why you should care. Title of a research report. Authors of research reports often give their documents neutral, factual titles. Visit CDC Features to find a catalog of current and past features. News articles Repurpose news article content for social media by using elements of the article as material for tweets, posts, and texts: The lead Quotable quotes Photos and other graphics Fact sheets Fact sheets are good sources for content that can be repurposed for social media messaging: Announce a new fact sheet.

For example, tweet about the Teen Drivers: FAQs Use a question as a tweet, post, or text. Outbreak, notices, travel notices, or health advisories The information in notices and advisories is urgent, timely, and rapidly changing, thus ideal for social media.

Announce an outbreak, travel notice, or health advisory. For example, use social media to share information about the health advisory High Number of Reported Measles Cases in the U.

Announce the end of an outbreak or restriction. Research reports Review published research reports for social media-worthy content: A research finding that comes with strong recommendations. For example, revisit a report such as Human Rabies Prevention—United States, to feature the recommendation that people exposed to but not bitten by bats should receive rabies treatment.

Event or conference content Collect event-related information for social media uses: Feature individual speakers or topics before the conference. Collect and tweet interesting quotes from presenters during the event. Share photos or presentations after the event. Guidelines Use social media to increase awareness: Let people know about guidelines, such as Physical Activity Guidelines for older adults.

Feature an individual guideline, one that has recently changed or one that is an old standard. Compare guidelines for different groups of people. For example, tweet, post, or text about how the physical activity guidelines recommend 60 minutes of aerobic activity per day for children and minutes per week for older adults.

If you work at CDC or other federal agency or office, you must clear all social media messages through the channels determined by the Health Communication Science Office at your Center, Institute, or Office. Be sure to budget enough time for this clearance review. Posts can be up to characters including spaces.

Hyperlink to a CDC. Include information available through other social media channels: Invite followers to do something such as watch a video, attend an event, or use CDC resources. Write in a friendly, casual style.

Ultimately, social media reporting tells the story of your customers, so should be interesting to anyone in the company. Be interested and dig deep during your research, and strive to present it in the most engaging way possible.

By Alex Jones Sep 13th. By Brittany Ryan Sep 6th. By Gemma Joyce Sep 4th. By Manish Dudharejia Sep 3rd. Marketing Published September 30 th Identify your goals What is the purpose of the report? A regular report, using key social media metrics to demonstrate the latest progress on social media. This can focus solely on your brand or include competitors for an industry overview.

A one-off report following a campaign. A mix of metrics and qualitative analysis can be used to gauge the success of a product launch, marketing campaign, or event. An exploratory piece of research. This involves listening to all conversations around a product category or topic and reading through the data to uncover insights. Choose the right tool Simple engagement metrics can be surfaced with free social media analytics tools , including inbuilt platforms such as Facebook Insights.

Not everyone wants their parents to see them drinking and going out to parties, especially if they are not These problems make Facebook a difficult thing to manage and gives evidence of why it is not such a great communication tool to use. However, Facebook does give you privacy controls over the information that you share.

You can really easy just make it so that when people try to find you via search, not everything comes up. This is a great way to hide information and other stuff that you do not want to give out to random strangers.

Facebook gives you the choice and control over what you want to share with others. As a good example, if you have a job and your boss adds you as a friend, you may feel like you have to accept it. But, you may not want your boss to see all the stuff that you do on your free time. So, you can choose to just show to them specifically what you want them to see.

This is an easy way to hide stuff that is personal or potentially damaging to you in anyway. This is only possible because. This takes care of most of the privacy and security concerns with other people seeing your profile. With the control that Facebook gives you over your profile, you do not have to worry about the wrong people seeing what you are doing every day.

It does not matter if it is a complete stranger or your own mother, your information that you put up is still your own in terms of control. Another safety risk that is not such a big deal in the Facebook site is danger of sex offenders. But as much as people talk about them being a bad problem, the case does not apply in the all online interactions. This shows that just because the news and other people talk about it being dangerous, does not mean that it is so.

Rather than assuming that sex offenders look to kids on Facebook to have sex with them, it is important to look at the facts. If the internet in general is a dangerous place for kids, it is not ok to assume that it is true for all aspects of it. Instead, they use other types of communication that is not controlled as much. However, since Facebook is a much more tightly controlled type of space to communicate in, it does not have the same dangers.

Lastly, some may argue that social networks could affect people by having fewer face to face relationships, since they can get addicted to talking on the computer and only socializing via internet. This is incorrect since being able to know people faster and easier by these networks will help getting to know more people and will help the social life of that person. Just because you are on the internet and on Facebook does not mean that you are losing interactions with other people.

The study reported that. Just like it helps shy kids deal with difficult situations, it helps others too with people they interact with. It may be easier to ask certain questions or have talks online because it takes out the aspect where people can be embarrassed read another Ultius research paper on social media.

However, there are negative parts to it because of the privacy and security risks of other people seeing your information and contacting you. Most people talk to others that are close to them and they see face to face often.

Facebook also lets you talk to people that you used to spend time with but moved on in life by going to college or moving to a different place. With mutual interests, groups and friends, you can also meet new people that you are interested in. Their profile gives a lot of information about them to help you get started. Even for shy people, talking to others online makes it much easier. It takes out the pressure and possible embarrassment of making mistakes. Despite this, the risk of privacy and safety are still there.

But, this is not true since Facebook lets you control your information. Also, the problems of sex offenders and danger is not the same on Facebook as it is on chat rooms and text messaging. This makes Facebook a safe place to communicate and share with each other.

Talking online is still communication, just in a different type of way. Baker, Levi, and Debra Oswald. Greenfield, Patricia, and Kaveri Subrahmanyam.

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