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Feminization of Poverty Essay

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❶In about 6 percent of all births were to unmarried couples, but by , over a third of births were to unmarried couples, with the largest increase among black families.

Feminization of Poverty, The

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ADVERTISEMENTS: Essay on Feminization Poverty! The gap between women and men in the cycle of poverty is a phenomenon commonly referred to as ‘the feminization of poverty’. This term is used by social scientists to refer to the increasing proportion of the female poor in a country.

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Feminization of Poverty Essay The term feminization of poverty was first coined by Diana Pierce in in an attempt to describe the changing demography of the poor in the United States since

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One of the Biggest Challenges for Women Today: The Feminization of Poverty The division of labour and education along gender lines, racial inequalities and discrimination, and unpaid domestic labour all contribute to the growing feminization of poverty. The feminization of poverty is the phenomenon in which an increasing proportion of those living at or below the poverty line are women. This is an important issue not only because it affects women, but because women tend to live longer than men and be at greater risk of living in poverty in their old age, and also because the poverty of women frequently represents the poverty of children.

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The term feminization of poverty describes the disproportionate amount of women who are poor, and its link to the division of labour along gender lines (Calixte, Johnson, & Motapanyane, ). The Canadian Labour Congress reported that in , women working full time earned cents to the dollar that every male in a comparable job earned (as cited in Calixte, et al., , p. Feminization Of Poverty An examination of the feminization of poverty is viewed as an underscore in women and gender development. Gender inequalities against women, development of female-headed households, and deprivation of some fundamental human rights on and economic activities is the basis of the feminization of poverty.