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And many of the seniors said in that rather than addiction, many were homeless because they were evicted. This is a likely consequence of increasing housing costs throughout Metro Vancouver, despite a dwindling job market. But with addiction as the overarching issue, it needs to be dealt with first, and the number of children and seniors who are on the streets will likely also diminish if addiction is managed.

This is because many of the children are born into addiction, while many seniors are evicted because of addiction-related issues such as inability to pay rent. In order to deal with homelessness, it is important to work from the ground up. Funding is available, but it should be used to augment the efforts of individuals who are attempting to help the addicted homeless. Ending the cycle of addiction will almost eliminate homelessness in Vancouver.

This dispels the myth that homeless people live on the streets because they want the lifestyle. Instead, a ground-level approach that matches individual homeless with a professional that can help the addicted through monitored detox could end the vicious cycle.

Once sober, these individuals should be matched with jobs and their finances monitored by a professional who can help with budgeting. Because no matter how many homes are built, mouths fed, and backs clothed, addiction will continue to control the lives of this troubled cross-section of society.

The City of Vancouver has an opportunity as the most densely-populated homeless area in North America to set an example for the rest of the nation and even the world. A fix to the homeless issue in Vancouver would bring hope to other communities suffering the same consequences of addiction.

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We offer physiotherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, dry needling, nutritional advice, blood testing and massage therapy, all under one roof. But you can also do yoga, take boxing lessons or participate in one of our famous — or should we say infamous — specialty camps.

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